The Hisun Warranty

Limited Warranty

HISUN offer a 5000km or 12 Month Warranty on UTV’s that covers the motor and gearbox only, against factory defects in material or workmanship. This warranty covers the parts and labour charges for repair or replacement of said defective parts, which are covered under this warranty. This warranty begins on the date of purchase. This warranty is transferable to another consumer during the warranty period as long as  all services intervals are recorded and services are carried out by registered mechanics.

Warranty exclusions, limitations and remedies

The HISUN limited warranty excludes any failures that are not caused by a defect in material or workmanship. This warranty does not cover accidental damage, normal wear and tear, abuse or improper handling. This warranty also does not cover any UTV that has been structurally altered, modified, neglected, improperly maintained (see service schedule), used for racing, or used for purpose other than for which it was manufactured, or for any damages which occur during trailer transit or as a result of unauthorised service or the use of unauthorised parts.

In addition, this warranty does not cover physical damage to paint or finish, stress cracks, tearing or puncturing of upholstery material, corrosion, head & break lights, break pads, chains, sprockets, tyres, rims, brake disks, brake callipers, tirod ends, steering mechanism, swing arms, a-arms, shocks, muffler, cables, wiring, electrical components, air filter, oil filter, petrol filter and all relevant wear and tear items or defects in parts, or any other caused beyond control. It is the client’s responsibility to deliver the product to a authorised service centre for services and or to HISUN SA for any warranty claims.

Service Intervals

EVERY 500 km’s.